Heal The World

Heal The Wolrd
Siti Hajar Amrina

I am alone
I am afraid
The world is at rest
And stop all acts
The world is not okay

The door is locked
Humans are scared
The Road closed
The world is not okay

The earth cried
The human died
And we are broken
Yes, The world is not okay

Who are you?
The Anxious makers
The destroyers,
And haters of peace

The world is not okay
We must rise
After every fall
We must rise
And stand tall

Let’s fight our enemies
Heal the world as before
Let’s fight our fears
Heal the pain as before
Become stronger like a lion

Let’s live while we are alive.
Hand in hand, give strength
Let’s love while we are alive.
Hand in hand, fight fear

Let’s create a better world
Let’s create a peaceful world
Let’s make this world smile again
Let’s make this world bright again

Hello guys! Here, i want to explain more about my poem.

The poem titled Heal The World contains a motivational poem to arouse enthusiasm in the present. This poem explains that the world is currently not doing well. Therefore, the authors invite readers to remain enthusiastic and patient in dealing with this situation. The situation in question is the situation in the COVID Pandemic era 19. In the first stanza, the author explains about the conditions experienced by most people facing this pandemic. People feel lonely and also scared. The world really is like being deactivated by the Creator. That indicates that the world is indeed not okay. In the second stanza, the author explains the current situation, when everyone closes their doors. Roads are closed, and places become uninhabited. The author re-emphasizes that the world really is not good. In the third stanza, it is clarified again that COVID 19 does indeed have a very bad effect on the world. Many humans die with disrespect, and humans really are destroyed.

In verse four, the writer sarcastically asks who is the maker of this uproar? Cause of this chaos? Why does it feel so unsettling? The world really is not okay. Therefore, the author invites readers to rise from failure and remain upright against this situation. Let’s fight the Corona Virus, which is very troubling and makes the world a better place. Cure fear and become as strong as a lion.
We can make this happen if we work together to fight it. Apart from that, we also have to love each other. By way of complying with all regulations that have been made by the government. With that, we can restore the world as before. The poem looks interesting because the writer uses several repetition mastery, metaphor, and personification, as well as interesting word selection. Majesty repetition is shown by repeating the word “I am” in the first stanza. Then in the third and fourth lines, it ends with the “-t” ending. The world is rest is a form of personification shown by the author.

In the third stanza, lines one through three ends with the suffix “-ed”. Similarly, in the next stanza. In each verse, there is also a repetition of the sentence “The world is not okay”. Advanced personification is shown in the words “The earth cried”, “The world smile again”. While the metaphor is shown in the sentence “Become stronger like a lion”. In the last three verses, the poem has a beautiful rhythm and uses repetition. Repetition is shown by the first and third lines in the fifth verse, “We must rise”. Besides, there is a repetition of the ending “all” in the third and fifth lines.

In the fifth stanza, there are two repetitions, namely the words “Let’s fight our” and “Heal the world as before”. In the sixth verse, there is a very interesting diction selection, as well as the use of repetition forms. At the end of the stanza, the author also uses several repetitions of the words “Let’s make” and “Let’s create”.
All in all, the selection of the right words can make the poem interesting. This poem is read with changing emotions, at the beginning of the poem, the sound that is raised must emit an emotion of sadness and chaos. While in the end, the reader must bring up the excitement to rise from the chaos. So that the emotions and objectives of the poem can reach the audiences.

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